Aerobie AeroPress Coffee Maker with Tote Storage Bag and Filter Papers, Pack of 350
Brand: AeropressFeatures: Now you can enjoy real fresh coffee in the same time it takes to make instant coffee The AeroPress takes just one minute to make smooth perfect coffee every time A pack of 350 high quality AeroPress Coffee...
AeroPress 10R11 Go Travel Coffee Maker, Free of Phthalate, Grey
Brand: AeroPressColor: GreyFeatures: IT’S ALL ABOUT TASTE, ON THE GO – The rapid brewing AeroPress Go makes smooth, delicious coffee and avoids bitterness and high acidity created by the long steep time required by a French Press. Plus, the AeroPress...
£31.99 £28.99
AeroPress Coffee Maker, Phthalates & BPA Free, Black
Brand: AeropressColor: BlackFeatures: Brews smooth, perfect coffee every time Lightweight and portable, making it perfect for camping and holidays Micro-Filtered for grit free coffee Actual ‘press time’ is just 20 seconds Simple and quick to clean; there’s no washing-up of...
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